HPPCC have successfully been selected to represent Great Britain as the GB2 Open Men’s team for 2019 at UK races, including the Nottingham Euro Cup on the weekend of 6th/7th April at Holme Pierrepont, and the European Raft Racing Championship in Bosnia.

Raft Racing consists of four events – Sprint, Head-to-Head (H2H), Slalom and Downriver. The points earned in each event are added to determine the final positions. There are four different age groups, Under 19, Under 23, Open (24 -39 years) and Masters (40 years and up), with male and female teams.

There is usually one person on the raft who calls the moves, but there is no one person guiding the raft, all four corners play a role in steering.

Sprint is over a short distance and is up to three minutes of hard paddling. H2H pits two teams together in a fast-paced sprint for the finish line and is an elimination event with two teams remaining in the Final. Slalom demands a high level of technique and teamwork to negotiate the rafts through 12 downriver and upriver gates in powerful rapids. The Downriver is close to an hour of racing along of a section of continuous and powerful rapids.

Raft racing is an excellent activity providing social, psychological and physical benefits for people of all ages. It encourages discipline, team work and leadership skills, allowing family and friends to unite in overcoming fun and dynamic challenges, offering an invigorating escape from everyday life, reducing stress, and exercises the entire body, leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment and an increased sense of confidence.