An update to the pool sessions and course usage

Dear All

Our open access pool sessions have been very busy indeed for the first 2 sessions so we just wanted to remind you of some important points:
  • We have a restriction on the number of boats and the number of people in the pool at any one time, and these numbers must be adhered to, please ensure that you follow the instructions of the coaches if you are asked to sit on the side during a time that you are not in a boat.
  • If the pool sessions become very busy and we exceed the number of people  who can be in the pool at once then all paddlers (including competent paddlers not being coached) will be expected to buddy up and work in pairs with only one person in a boat at a time, with the other out of the pool.
  • We don’t want to turn anyone away but we can’t have someone sitting outside the pool all session.  Entry to the session will end at 3.50 (20 minutes after the session start time) when we will close up the booking in desk.  Please therefore ensure that you arrive at 3.30 to register for the session.
  • All coaches must also register at the desk so that we have a full count of all those who are paddling or coaching.
  • Please have your membership card to hand, and preferably the right money to make the booking in process as swift as possible.
  • It is important that we manage the safety of the session for all those present and to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience and is able to learn.
Sessions do become less busy as we get closer to Easter and this year there are plenty of sessions available.

The National Water Sports Centre is now enforcing their rules on membership cards being needed for the WW course or back channels so no card – no paddling on the course or back channels.  Please make sure that if you are going to want to access the course that you have got your card.

All paddlers are reminded that if you are undertaking a club coaching session on a Saturday morning with a club coach then you must book in at the club desk in the compound so we know what paddlers we have doing sessions.

We hope to have a list of trips and events available shortly so look out for these coming soon.