Slalom Coaching

Paddlers and parents have shown an interest in the past around coaching courses, and the appetite still seems to be there.

So with this in mind I have been working towards getting paddlers that want to qualify as coaches an opportunity
to do so with minimum impact on their own training. The course details and the cost are still to be finalised but will be
done so very shortly. We are hoping to get started in October half term. The attendees must be 16 years old when they attend the course.
I envisage the course being around 5 days long (not all at once)
At this point I don’t have a final number that the course can accommodate and I do have a list of people who have expressed an interest.
If you are interested in attending please let me know and if we can’t accommodate everyone on the first course we will run a second course
ASAP after the initial one. More information will follow as I receive it.
Mark Haylett