Important information about this weekend

Dear Paddler
This weekend will be very busy up at the club with a lack of coaches. There is an X-Runner type event on at the National Watersports centre which will be on the lake, through the car parks, and alongside the course, making parking very busy.
Additionally because it is the Club Wye Weekend, a large number of our coaches, and experienced paddlers will be attending this trip, meaning that there will not be a lot of coaching available.
We will certainly try and arrange a peer paddle up the river for paddlers who are competent, for those not on the river, we will try and have one group on the lake with a coach, but we can’t guarantee any coaching on the course or back channels this weekend.
We will try and deal with any new paddlers on the day but this can’t be guaranteed.
Paddlers should also be aware that the Daleks will probably not be accessible as last year this event had people jumping into the water at the bottom bridge and swimming the daleks and getting out at the bottom.
The coaches and volunteers from the club are likely to be a little bit frazzled on Saturday so please bear with them.
Have a good weekend whatever and wherever you are going.
Regards Dawn