A coaching update for HPPCC

Dear Paddler

As we approach the New-Year I thought that it was time to let you know how the club will be managing our coaching at club sessions next year.

Firstly I would like to thank all of our coaches who have worked so hard this year running sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, both at HPP and various pool sessions in Nottingham.

As of the 1st of January British Canoeing are revising their coaching qualifications.  This means that the old UKCC qualifications will be renamed and new pathways to the qualifications have been introduced.

To try and bring together a lot of information from the British Canoeing Publications, website and conferences, Dawn and I, have put together a document which is attached.  This explains the various performance awards, leadership awards and coaching awards and how they can link together.  We will also get this put on the club website in due course.

We will also be introducing three new initiatives next year.

Coaching on the White Water course.

The process of becoming qualified to coach on the White Water course also includes being able to coach on natural rivers as well, and is quite a long process.

We are therefore introducing a local initiative, which will allow paddlers to become locally accredited to coach just on the course at HPP.  This process will be much quicker than the British Canoeing system and should mean that we will have a group of paddlers who can coach on the back channels and main course. 

Coaching Rotas

We understand that club members don’t want to coach all of the time that they come to the club, and so we will be introducing a rota of coaches’ availability so that coaches can say when they are able to coach so that we can try and ensure that we have a clear idea of who is available each week.  However, we know that circumstances change on a weekly basis and all of our coaches are volunteers so we can never guarantee that a session will run, but we will do our best.

Personal performance and coaching planning

We know that sometimes members want a little bit of extra help in working out how to get the most from their paddling and coaching, so once a month I will be able to meet with paddlers after the Saturday session to help them look at getting to where they want to be.  I am always happy to chat with paddlers in the car park after a session, but this will allow us to look at syllabi for courses and work out which progression route is best for you.  Dates for these sessions will be published in the new-year.

Supporting new Coaches

Due to the changes in the British Canoeing coaching system, few courses ran last Autumn, and the new courses will start being delivered in the spring.

Could you be a coach?

There is a real sense of achievement when you see someone take their first steps in paddling and know that it is down to your help.  To enable us to continue to offer the fantastic coaching that we do at the moment, we need more coaches.

The club has a bursary system to help people become coaches and if you would like more information about courses or what you need to do to become a coach then please speak to me and I can support you with this.

Again my thanks to all of our club coaches and volunteers.

Happy Christmas

Ian Scott – Coaching and Volunteer Officer