January update

Dear Paddler

Well welcome to the first update of the new-year.  I know that some of you have managed to get out paddling but the weather and water haven’t been particularly kind over the last month.

The pool sessions are now in place and last week the session was completely full, and we did need to turn people away.  We apologise for this, but it is necessary to maintain safety at the pool.  We are only allowed a certain number of people and boats in the pool, anything over that becomes unsafe.  It’s no fun trying to learn to roll when the pool is so full that someone is on top of you or in your way.

The club trustees have had a Development meeting last week and it was agreed that at the AGM we would seek a resolution from the members to elect a Trustee with specific responsibility for WW paddling which will help reduce the burden on Trevor, as the existing Recreational remit is exceedingly broad.

We will not be co-opting someone into this position, it will be up to the members to elect someone to the role at the AGM in June.  We are looking at drawing together a role description for this volunteer, and would be happy to discuss the role and remit with anyone who is interested in this.  We feel that this role will support the team that we are putting in place to offer support and coaching on the course, and will give a focus to the new team.

The East Midlands Courses information that was distributed recently should be of interest to anyone who needs to undertake a coaching update as a number of these updates count as coaching update sessions.  If you need an update please check that the event you choose will update you.  (If anyone is planning to go to the LOPC then please contact them for travel details as there are roads closed for resurfacing.)


The club will be arranging 2 star courses and assessments for the coming year and the dates for these will be out within the next couple of weeks.
We are also organising a 3 star touring kayak and canoe assessment once the weather warms up a bit for the rescues.  Please speak to Trevor or Dawn if you would like to attend this assessment.

Slalom Event
This year the club has been asked to run two National Slalom races and the first of these is on the 24/25th of March.  If you could lend a hand with this event then please let Mark Haylett know on [email protected] there are all sorts of jobs available from supervising the weighing of boats, supporting the timing crew, staffing an information desk through to WW rescue cover.  You don’t need to volunteer for the whole weekend you can give as much time as you have available.

So happy paddling and enjoy getting out and about but remember to do it safely, and remember with flood conditions to check where you are paddling, check the forecast and remember to clean your boat when moving between different waterways.  If you don’t know why you need to clean your boat check out https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/news/2017/uk-non-native-species-1/ to see how you can stop the spread of non native species.

Dawn Scott
Club Chairman