HPPCC club website and Slalom entries.

Dear Paddler

We have been made aware that there is an issue with the club website opening up on mobile devices.  It seems to be diverting off to some strange page inviting you to win something.

Please don’t enter any competition that you find on the club website as this is not genuine.  We are looking into the matter.  The website does appear to open on a computer at present, but please take care.

Also a quick message to all our Slalom paddlers about the race in September.

HPPCC September Slalom 22/23 Sept – Entries open Monday 9th April

This is a Prem / Div 1 race. We want to get as many HPP paddlers in the race. Please ensure you enter straight away as the Paddle Up lists will fill early.

Action Prem Paddlers – enter ASAP
Action Div 1 Paddlers – enter Prem Paddle Up immediately to get to the top of the list, and the Div 1 race
Action Div 2 Paddlers – enter Div 1 Paddle Up immediately to get to top of the list

Dawn Scott
Club Chairman