Paddle in the park 2/3rd of June

Dear Paddler

As a reminder there is no club session on this day, but paddlers are encouraged to come and access all of the activities at the centre.

In brief, the weekend will be filled with exciting activities on both the White Water course and the lagoon, and passes can be bought for both the WW course and the lagoon from the link below.  Paddlers can also sign up for workshops or sessions.

All of the activities are on the link here

The club is supporting the weekend by running open canoe trips up the river for novice paddlers, any offers of help from experienced open canoe paddlers would be appreciated to support these novice paddlers, please contact Dawn or Ian if you can help.

This is an opportunity to demo all sorts of new boats, try new activities and enjoy a weekend of paddle activities.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Dawn Scott
Club Chair