July update from HPPCC

Dear Paddler

I hope that you are enjoying these warm summer days and light nights to be able to get out and get paddling.

An update on the club session for Saturday the 7th of July – there is a slalom competition on this weekend so there will be no access to the course or back channels so please don’t turn up hoping for White Water.

In addition there will only be very limited coach cover, this is because it is the annual club trip to the River Wye which a large number of people are attending.

We will be offering a peer paddle up the river for all those capable of paddling on the Trent, and there will be a supervised session on the lake but with a small number of coaches.

We will have sit on tops and the Stand up Paddle boards out on Saturday so if you want to come and give some new craft a try then you can, but there won’t be formal coaching sessions.

If you would like to have a go at Stand up Paddleboarding then this is available on a Thursday night and there are 5 boards available.  We now also have a junior Stand up Paddle for any smaller paddlers wanting to have a try.  Thursday night sessions will run right through the summer and are a great opportunity to practice your skills and work on getting those strokes right in any craft.

There is an intensive 2 star course being planned over a weekend for the 28th and 29th of July, where you can spend 2 days with two of our coaching team, working on both your kayak and canoe skills.  An assessment will be offered at the end for those who are ready for it.  Booking is through the normal club web booking page and it is just £30 for both days.

Could we please put in a request that paddlers bring the right money to the sessions, unfortunately there have been a number of paddlers turning up with the wrong money or not enough money for the session.  We don’t offer credit or IOUs so please do make sure that you come with your cash.

A note from our Coaching officer – British Canoeing have just announced some big changes to the Paddlesport Instructor award (used to be the Level 1 coach award) from January the 1st 2019.  These changes will affect anyone wanting to start out on the coaching or instructing scheme, but the good news is that the award will now be available to those aged 14 and over and will now only be two days rather than 4 days long.  You also won’t need a 2 star award, so will only need to demonstrate your competency in one craft rather than 2.  It is possible that some old style Paddlesport Instructor awards will be run this autumn, and there will be plenty running next year.  More information on the new award can be found here.

If you are interested in this new award, wonder how it affects any existing qualifications you may have, or want to do the current award then please contact Ian Scott on [email protected] for more information.

Also keep checking the British Canoeing website for details of the new performance awards which will be launched in a few weeks time.  This will be a very exciting time of change for paddlers who want to measure their progression in different craft.

Take care and paddle safely, remember that even if the sun is warm the water can still be cold, and there are hidden dangers like weeds in unknown waters.  Always wear a BA and take care when you paddle.