URGENT information from HPPCC regarding car parking

Dear Paddler

Sorry to send two updates in one week but this is URGENT.

We have been aware of plans to introduce an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) for car parking at HPP for a while  but had not been told when it was being introduced.  This will replace the token operated barrier system.

The system will be installed very shortly, and we have discussed with the centre the impact that this will have on our members.

There is some good news but you need to act now to ensure that you are not affected by these changes.

HPPCC members will receive free car parking at HPP provided that the centre is aware of your registration number and we have confirmed that you are a club member.

The centre have asked us to collect all registration numbers of all club members by next Thursday, which is obviously a very short turn around and we need to work quickly to carry out this large piece of work.  Once people have completed the survey we need to reconcile this to our membership list and then get it to the centre.

To notify us of your vehicle registration number you need to go online and complete this survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/X9WML5R which will ask for your name, your membership number and your vehicle registration.  If you are likely to come to the centre in more than one vehicle then you should list those registration numbers, for example where either parent may bring a child to a session.

Please note that this is a very large benefit that has been negotiated for club members and as a result we will be tightening up on membership procedures, especially with the renewal of memberships.  Unfortunately a number of members are very lazy in renewing their membership, expecting to still receive club benefits without paying.  Please be aware that when this system comes in the club will notify the centre each month of members who have not renewed membership, and therefore their access to free parking as a club member will be removed.

If you change your vehicle registration once the system is in then it will be your responsibility to inform the centre and you will need to present your membership card to show that you are a current club member.

Please do complete the survey as soon as possible, your membership number can be found on your membership card.

Dawn Scott
Club Chair