ANPR at the Centre

Dear Paddler
I now have a further update for you on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system that is being installed at the NWSC.
Charges will be introduced from this Saturday 26th of August, and will be £2.00 for car parking for any length of time.
As club members you are receiving a very considerable benefit for your club membership, and the centre and the club will be policing this to ensure that it is not abused. Many people have submitted a number of vehicle registration numbers, and I need to stress that your free car parking is for club business and club members. In other words you can’t give your partners vehicle registration to us, because you might drive it to the club sometimes, and then your partner uses that to come down and park the car and walk the dog every day.
The centre have the right, which we have agreed to, to ask anyone accessing free car parking to be able to produce their club membership cards to show that they are entitled to free parking on any given day.
Please note that there is a 30 minute grace period for drop offs and pick ups which will not incur a parking charge.
Unsurprisingly there has been a flurry of members rushing to renew their membership, who had forgotten to renew it. Please be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you have an in date and valid membership card for the club. The club automatic renewal membership system will send a reminder to the email that you gave us, however, if you don’t read it, access your emails, changed your email, or it goes into your junk box, it is not the club’s responsibility.
At the end of every month the club will send to the centre a list of members who have not renewed their membership and their registrations will be taken off the free car parking list. The first you might know of this is a parking fine! Therefore you should be aware of when your membership is due for renewal and make sure that you renew it promptly.
Please note that the new ANPR system is not being managed by the Centre, if you get a fine, then it will come from an outside company and you will have to appeal to them, not to the centre or to the club.
The centre have shown great faith in the club, and this is a major benefit to you as a club member, please make sure that you do your part to ensure that the car parking system runs well and efficiently. Remember if you change your vehicle you will need to inform the centre, not the club of the change. One major benefit is that on event days there should no longer be a queue to get into the centre with them collecting money at the gate.
Many thanks Dawn Scott Club Chair