URGENT – Further NEW information about car parking

Dear Paddler

URGENT further NEW information about the car parking at HPPCC

I have sent the results of our survey (Thanks to the 150 members who replied) to the centre.  However, we have been informed that they are enacting a strict policy of only one car per member to be allowed free car parking.

I understand that this may cause members some issues, but this applies to all site users such as those with Gym membership and WW passes and there is nothing that the club can do about this.

Therefore our previous survey will cause problems.  The centre just offered to take the first registration number listed in the survey but that won’t help those of you who did not list your most used vehicle first.

So this is what you need to do.

If you completed the original survey with only one vehicle registration number – you need do nothing further, we will transfer the results to the new survey.
If you completed the original survey with more than one vehicle number then you now need to complete the new survey

https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LHJSMB2  Please answer all boxes – skipping your name from the survey is not helpful!

This will only give you the option to input one registration number.

If you did not complete the original survey then you need to complete the new survey if you wish to have your vehicle registered.

If there are two members in a household then you may both complete the survey with your individual membership number and the individual registration number.  However, please note you may need to do this from a different device as multiple registrations from one device are not permitted.
If you have family membership then you can register as many vehicles as you have family members.

Parking charges apply from 9am to 6pm and there is a 30 minute grace period where charges don’t apply.
So if you are coming for an evening session then there is no parking to pay if you arrive after 5.30pm.  If you arrive even one minute before that charges will apply unless your vehicle is registered for free parking.

Free parking applies at all times for club members visiting the site, not just at club session times.

Car parking charges have been delayed now until the 1st of September.

So our new survey will be open until 9pm on Thursday the 30th of August, to allow me time to midnight on Thursday to collate the results and send them to the centre for them to process them on the Friday for car parking to start on the Saturday.

Anyone trying to access the survey after this time will get a survey closed message and will need to speak directly to the centre and show their membership card to get their vehicles registered.

PLEASE, Please do not email me to say that you have completed the survey.  In the last 2 weeks I have had to deal with over 300 emails and I have to work out which ones are important and which ones are just saying you have done the survey.  If you have any issues then please contact me with your question.

Thank you for your patience with this, it has been a little trying!

Dawn Scott
Club Chair.