Coaches and leaders meeting 6 January 2019


A final reminder to all members who are considering to become or are a coach or leader, also those who have been working on the course sign off are encouraged to attend as we have further updates regarding this.

I have had a few email replies, as was requested, there have been a few verbal replies.  So that we can organise lunch refreshments and print out handouts we would like a reply by Monday evening please.

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There is a large amount of change on the horizon with all of the new personal performance awards and the Paddlesport Instructor Award.  This meeting will hopefully allow us to break into smaller groups to look at how these new awards will be delivered and how we as a club can support our paddlers.

The plan will be for an overview of the new awards and then for the coaches to break into groups to look at how these awards can be delivered within the club, with coaches working with the appropriate club trustees to plan the delivery for the year.

In addition we would like to launch a new initiative for the club – the HPPCC White-Water Kayak Leader – Artificial Sites endorsement.  This endorsement has been written with the support of British Canoeing (although is not endorsed by them) and will allow members to be assessed to lead club members on artificial sites within the UK, within the remit of the endorsement.  This is an exciting opportunity to restart our plans to get members supported on the White-Water course.

To help prepare for this meeting it would be helpful if you could undertake the British Canoeing e-learning prior to the meeting so that you understand the structure of the new awards.  The link is below, it costs £15 and takes about an hour to complete, but it updates you for 3 years, which is ideal for any coach that has not attended any British Canoeing courses recently. 


Coaching and Volunteers officer