Hppcc Club update

Dear Paddler

A very quick note to let you know that currently the Trent is reading at 3m on the gauge and therefore the course will be closed for at least the next few days.  Paddling will only resume when the levels drop to 2.2m.

There is a gauge reading on our website for easy reference, or there would be if the website hadn’t been hacked.  Our Webmaster is busy trying to find an internet signal and then he will fix the site and bring it back on line again.

We will be running a flat water session tomorrow morning and out on the river depending on conditions.

I wanted to let you know of a new page on the British Canoeing website which gives access to information on events being held in the East Midlands.

This gives the regional calendar and information on useful workshops and events.  Please do take a look and book mark the page for future reference.

Stay safe in the high water levels.