July Update from HPPCC and AGM information

Dear Paddler
I hope that you are looking forward to paddling during the warm weather that is predicted.
We have some very exciting news for you, we now have a club shop for clothing and accessories all branded up with the club logo.
Samples are available at the club from this Saturday at each club session so that you can look at the items and the sizes.
Any items ordered between the 1st and 18th of July will be delivered to the club by the 31st of July saving you the postage and packing charges. Orders after the 18th will incur postage charges but will be delivered to you directly.
The club shop can be found on the club website under a new tab
You will also be able to try the samples at the club AGM on the 11th of July.
The AGM will take place at the British Canoeing offices at 8.15pm on the 11th of July.
Financial accounts – presentation and adoption Information from trustees on activities during the year Election of Trustees – The following Trustees are standing for re-election – Dawn Scott – Chair of Trustees – Ian Law – Secretary – Ian Scott – Coaching and Volunteers Trustee – Christina Noakes – Youth – Andy Brown – Freestyle – Mark Haylett – Slalom – Andy Steel – Whitewater – Vicky Kelly – Recreation
– The following trustees are standing down and not seeking re-election – Guy Wilson – Membership and Governance – Kenny Rankin – Communications – Kirst Elton – Treasurer
Club plans for the coming year Any other business – must be notified to the secretary in writing prior to the meeting Thanks
Club members wishing to stand for election as a trustee should notify the secretary before the meeting, this can either be for existing trustee positions or for vacant positions. If more than one person is nominated for a position then there will be a ballot on the night. However, following discussions by the trustees, we have decided that we will be reviewing the communications trustee role, and will not be seeking a nominee for this position at the AGM until we can be clearer about this role, as the monitoring of our Social Media presence will be done by another trustee.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank Guy, Kirst, and Kenny for the outstanding work that they have done as Trustees and the club is grateful for all of their work.
Role descriptions are attached for the Governance Trustee and for the Treasurers role. If you are interested in finding out more information about these roles then please speak to me to discuss what is involved.
Finally – two more courses are now available, the Sheltered water coach Training in November, and a Stand up Paddleboard Sheltered Water training course in August. Please see the website for more details or speak to the organisers.
We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.
Regards Dawn