October update from HPPCC

Dear Paddler

Welcome to our October update, I know that during the summer we have been worried about the low water levels, well, be careful what you wish for.  With Rivers now at bursting point we have a problem with too much water.  Remember that if you are travelling to the centre you can check the water levels by going to https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/2102 this gives the level for Colwick Park and also predicts the levels.  The course will be closed for general paddling when the river levels are above 2.2metres.  Be aware that predictions are never that accurate, and sometimes the river can rise faster or slower than predicted.

Winter pool sessions
Our Winter pool sessions will start shortly, with the sessions before Christmas being pre-bookable, and the sessions after Christmas being pay as you go.

The first block of sessions will be 19th of October to 16th November and then block 2 will be 23rd November – 21st December.  There are 16 places available in each block.

Bookings for these sessions will open at 7pm on Monday the 8th of October.  Please note that these sessions are exceedingly popular, and as we share the sessions with members from Notts Kayak Club then they will fill up quickly.

The sessions are at the Ken Martin Pool at Bulwell from 1545-1715 and the block sessions are £40 and the individual sessions after Christmas are £6.  

Please note club members may only book slots on one of the sessions, you can’t book for both, to give as many members as possible the opportunity to access the sessions.

Improvers course
Our improvers course on the 12th and 13th of October has been quite popular but we still have places available.  This course is ideal if you want to rapidly progress your paddling as you can spend the whole weekend improving your paddling. It is aimed at those paddlers that are looking to move towards independent paddling and wanting to move onto the discipline specific personal performance awards.  During the weekend we will be looking at other types of craft.  It should help to develop skills ready to move into the specific areas of the personal paddling award system beyond discovering paddling.

The course is delivered for individuals, allowing you to progress whatever your current starting point, and if you want to fix your forward paddling, or become more confident in a boat, learn new strokes or polish up your skills then this course is for you.  We will have a number of coaches supporting the course during the weekend, so come along and have a great weekend of paddling.

Book now through the eventzillia portal on the club website.  The cost is just £30 for the full weekend.

Club working party day
On the 12th of October we will be having a working party day at the club both during the morning session and in the afternoon.  This day will help us to sort out all of the club kit, and check it, clear up the compound and move equipment so that further work can take place so we can create more storage space.

We need volunteers to help with:
  • Moving and checking kit (no experience required)
  • Painting the new metal cage doors
  • Moving racking
  • Weed whacking at the back of the compound (does anyone have some kit to tackle this?)
  • Tidying up
  • Counting kit against the audit list
Please do volunteer to give a little bit of time to help out your club and keep us looking clean and tidy.
Any coaches or paddlers who are currently storing their boats in the compound for coaching purposes need to do one of the following:
  • Remove their boats prior to the 12th
  • Unlock their personal padlocks and relock their boats with a club padlock and cable
  • Give a copy of their key/combination code to Andy Steel.
This is important as we may need to move racking and we can’t do this with boats chained to it!!!!

Winter paddling
As we go into the autumn and winter seasons, we need to be thinking of weather conditions. We ask all paddlers to wear warm sensible clothing especially a wind proof outer layer and to bring a change of clothing.  Although we don’t intend paddlers getting wet it sometimes happens. If we think a paddler is inappropriately clothed then we hold the right to refuse entry to the session.

Parents are asked to remain locally as children can get cold quickly and need to get off the water. It is difficult for a coach when a youngster has to get off the water to look after them and leave their group on the water as well as being dangerous.

The coach of each individual group has the final say if it is too cold to carry on a session, because if the coach is cold then it is certainly true that most of the group will be cold too. 

Thursday night sessions

As the clocks change so do our Thursday night sessions, paddlers start to drop off as the nights start to get cold and miserable. Because of this as the clocks go back on October 29th our last Thursday session will be 26th October. However, if anyone wants any specific coaching this can be arranged but it will be the responsibility of the coach to record the session and take the session fees. We may also, arrange specialist sessions during the winter. 

We look forward to seeing you at the sessions and hopefully at the working day.

Dawn Scott
Chair of Trustees