An important update

Dear Paddler
As you will know the record floods have caused serious damage in many places, and the National Watersports Centre has not escaped without some damage.
Consequently there will be no club Saturday Morning session this week (22nd Feb) as the centre is currently closed. This situation will be reviewed next week as they continue to clear up and carry out repairs.
We were due to have a touring course but this will need to go on hold at present until we receive word from the centre that they are reopening in the evenings.
We will keep you updated on when the centre will be open.
This does not affect the pool sessions which will continue as normal.
On another matter we are holding an amnesty for kit! Over the last few months quite a bit of kit has gone from the compound, we do understand that on a cold wet morning you might get off the water, and get into the showers, and stick your kit in your bag, not realising that you have taken a cag or a spray deck home with you.
Please do have a check and see if you have any of the club kit at home, and no questions will be asked if you return it, we just want it back.
We bought £300 of cags recently and only have one left in the compound, and this is an expensive set of kit to replace. Many thanks Take care and see you when we get back on the water.
Regards Dawn