Update from HPPCC and an opportunity

Hi Paddler

Yet again I am sorry to report that the sessions this week, and on Saturday will need to be cancelled as the National Watersports Centre will still be closed.

However, for those of you desperate to get out on the water then on the 1st March, alongside NKC we have organised a litter pick on the river Trent. 

As part of the event, we have both a land and water-based cleanup team that will be working together to remove as much litter as possible from the City Ground down about 1km of the river.

The land-based clean up is open to anyone, however, given the recent weather, there is a chance of getting a tad muddy. 
The water clean up is open to 
1) anyone with their own paddling kit that is competent on moving water and will be responsible for their own safety
2) anyone over the age of 14 who would be keen to get out on the water can do so in a raft with a member of our club

We are meeting at Nottingham Kayak Club (Trentside North, NG2 5FA) at 10:30 and will be on the water until 13:00. If anyone is interested could they please email Beth Kirby at [email protected], so we can keep track of anyone coming along.

However, please note that the water aspect will be dependent on levels and Beth will keep you informed.

Thank you to so many members who responded to the news about George Oliver.  George‚Äôs Funeral will take place on the 11th of March at 3pm at Wilford Hill Crematorium in Nottingham.  Notts Kayak Club are helping to arrange food for afterwards, so if you would like to go on to the refreshments could you please let me know so that we can help the Kayak Club know how many to cater for.

Many thanks and take care