HPPCC update

Dear Paddler

As time goes on and lockdown continues there are a few bright signs of us being able to get back out and paddle.

The National Watersports centre has reopened their car park from 0700-1900 on weekdays and 1000 to 1500 on weekends.

Be aware that the gates will be locked promptly.  The toilets and facilities are not open and the WW course has been drained and there are ropes preventing access to the lake.

It is possible to launch on to the River Trent from the pontoon on the gravel car park.  Please be sure to maintain social distancing regulations and to keep your distance from other paddlers.

Please be responsible and don’t try and access the lake which has been roped off.

We know that this lockdown is hard on a number of people and this week is mental health awareness week.  UK Coaching have made their Mental Health for Sport and Physical Activity course free up until the 30th of August.  The club is encouraging any paddlers, coaches, instructors or leaders to sign up for the course.  

The course is online and will take about 2-3 hours to complete and will cover the following aspects:
  • build people’s resilience, self-esteem and confidence
  • adapt your sessions to make them more inclusive
  • enable and support mental health recovery, and
  • tackle stigma and discrimination.

This resource has been designed for all who are involved in sport so please do take up this great offer.  If you coach with the club then please let us know if you have undertaken the course so we can add it to your coaching record, and you could also upload the credential to your British Canoeing portal.

If you are going paddling, remember, stay within your level of competence, keep your distance and stay safe.

Dawn and the trustees.