Resuming paddling at the club

Dear Paddler

Well, here we go with some good news, and be warned a very long email.

We are delighted to let you know that we are now in a position to reopen the club and restart some club activities, however, as you read on it will become clear that we are not returning to ‘normal’.

We know that people will have been wondering what we have been up to in the last few weeks, but we have had to write Covid 19 risk assessments, co-ordinate with the Centre, find and understand a new booking solution for sessions, and find coaches who are free and not still self-isolating.

So, we can’t return to how things were, and we might not be for some time.

As with all outdoor activities we are limited to 6 people outdoors together at any one time, social distancing must be followed, kit needs to be sanitised and safety protocols will need to be followed.  Where possible, where paddlers book on to a course and need kit for a number of weeks that kit will be issued out for the whole course, especially BAs and Spray decks.

If you have borrowed club equipment over the crisis and had it on long term loan could you please email me on [email protected] so that I can discuss with you whether we will need to recall that equipment for the sessions that will be starting up.  We will need to recall all club SUPs for the courses that we are planning to deliver, other kit may not need to be recalled.

The club has taken the decision to NOT restart any beginners’ sessions at present as this requires much closer contact and might require rescues. 

Please note the club has NO access to the following:

·      Indoor Showers – an outdoor shower is available, and the outside toilet block is open for toilets only (no changing).

·      The Whitewater course

·      The backchannels and daleks

We are planning for all of our activities to be Covid 19 secure and at all times we will be following best practice, advice from British Canoeing and advice from the government.

 So, the club is planning the following activities.

 Whitewater –

·      Rescue Refresher (Throwline, Knots, Anchors, Mechanical advantage, etc) 4-6 sessions

·      Rolling Workshop (Practice and improvement for those who can roll in 
the pool at least) 4 sessions

·      Matlock Park & Play (Grade 2 competent paddlers able to self-rescue) 
individual sessions. No fee

·      Progression to white-water (Development of skill sets for moving water 
for competent flat-water paddlers) 4-6 sessions culminating in Matlock 
park and play.

·      Whitewater improver sessions (for those working towards the WW Award and who are competent on the back channels) 4-6 sessions with Matlock park and play, and potential HPP WW course finale

·      Whitewater leadership training – Theory & practical when possible 
(Preparation for those looking to undertake Stadium WW leader award)

 Anyone interested in any of these sessions should contact Andy Steel on [email protected] and Andy will collate interest and dates for sessions and look at appropriate venues.

 Stand up Paddleboarding

 An improvers SUP course of 6 weeks

·      Sunday 26th July – Sunday 30th August

·      Cost £35

·      Includes use of club boards and water fees

·      May lead to Sheltered Water SUP award if paddlers reach an appropriate level or paddlers can work towards other SUP awards.

·      2 places available (other places were offered to people who had paid for places prior to lockdown).

 One off Stand up Paddle board sessions

·      Saturday afternoons

·      £5 session fee

·      Dates to be confirmed

 The opportunity to work towards SUP Sheltered Water Coach Award.  A poster is attached for a mentoring programme that the club will be offering for paddlers who want to become SUP coaches.

 For more information on the course or the mentoring programme please contact Andy Brown [email protected]

 Touring Award training

 An improvers course for 3 weeks looking at skills for the Sheltered Water Touring award

·      Saturday 18 July – 1st August

·      Cost £16

·      10 places

·      10am – 11.30

·      Led by Dawn Scott and Zoe Tarrant

Repeated then from the 8th -22nd August run by Trevor Tarlton-Weatherall and another club coach.  This can either be a progression from the first session, or for a different group of paddlers.

 For more information on this course please contact Ian Scott [email protected]

 General Improvers training

 4-week training course to support paddlers at Discover or Explore level move their skills forward. 

 ·      Saturday 18th July – 8th August

·      Cost £21

·      10 places

·      1pm – 2.30

·      Led by Vicky Kelly, Zoe Tarrant and other club coaches

For more information on this course please contact Ian Scott [email protected] 

Open paddling on the lake

We know that some paddlers will just be desperate to get back in a boat and out on the lake to practice their skills so we are offering an open session on Saturday which will not be coached, but just observed from the bank.

·      Every Saturday

·      10.30 – 12.00

·      Club kit will be available to use

·      Cost £5 per session

·      6 places each session

·      No coaching

 Non-weekend sessions

 We would like to introduce you to:

Training with Trevor.

 On Tuesdays and Thursdays during the daytime Trevor Tarlton-Weatherall will be running sessions on the river.

 Tuesdays from 28th July onwards

·      Arrive 12.15 – on the water for 12.30 (Please arrive pre-changed), Usually off the water by 2.30pm

·      This is a workout training session with paddling designed to raise the heart rate and get you back to paddling fitness.

·      Paddlers need to be in Sea Kayaks or faster touring boats as this session is designed for distance and speed.

·      No cost for this session

Thursdays from 30th July onwards

·      Arrive 12.15 – on the water for 12.30 (Please arrive pre-changed), Usually off the water by 2.30pm

·      This is a slower paced session with coaching and club kit available to those who wish to use it.  (Kit hire cost of £2 applies)

·      Any boats accepted on this training session

All of the bookings for these sessions can be made through the club website through our new booking portal.  This will hopefully be easier to use than the previous system.

 We will be reviewing things on a week by week basis, and hopefully as we become more confident in offering covid secure activities we will be able to develop what we do and will release more activities.

 So, we look forward to seeing you out and about on the water in the near future.

Take care and welcome back.

Dawn and all the trustees.