Saturday sessions

Dear Paddler

Well the schools are back, and whilst club activities might not be back to completely normal we do have lots of spaces available this week for paddling.

As well as coached sessions, we have a SUP session, and an open paddling session, so the water is warm and the coaches are ready all we need are the paddlers.

Please go to the club website booking portal or book directly at

We need to let our coaches know if they are going to be needed for the sessions so please do book in reasonable time.  Last week a couple of people booked at 11.30pm on a Friday night, this doesn’t really help us know how many coaches to have, and if people don’t book then coaches can have a weekend off.

So get booking and start working towards your aims and objectives.

We will be offering some British Canoeing Explore assessments shortly so come along and brush up those skills.

We hope to see you on the water on Saturday.