Important information from HPPCC

Dear Paddler,


Following the announcement today of Nottingham City and parts of Nottinghamshire moving into Tier 3 we wanted to let you know what the club will be doing and the precautions that we will be taking.


As usual, all of our sessions are run by volunteers, and we thank them for their generosity of time.  We don’t want to pressurise anyone into running sessions if they are uncomfortable and so we will be checking with all our coaches to see if they are available to coach.


The Government advice is that outdoor socially distanced sports can continue, and so we will be trying to maintain paddling for as long as possible.


We therefore are issuing the following guidance to all club members this evening.


Please don’t travel to the club if you are from an area outside the Tier 3, the Government advice is clear that people should not travel into Tier 3 areas unless it is essential If you are in Tier 3 then you can continue to attend club sessions which will still need to be pre-booked Please now wear a face mask when entering the club compound and around the club area.  Do not wear a mask on the water.

Please make sure that all hard kit (Boats, paddles etc) are sprayed with disinfectant after use.

Please make sure that all soft kit (BA’s spraydecks etc) are hung in the quarantine cage after use so that they can be aired for 72 hours.


When booking your session please check the start time and make sure that you arrive in good time, those wanting kit should arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the session.


Damage and Theft from the club compound.


I am sorry to have to report that over the last week or so the club has suffered some damage and theft of equipment.  Our Open Canoes have had their lacings cut and buoyancy blocks stolen.  It is possible that some other equipment has also been stolen as well.


Therefore we are carrying out a club audit this weekend of all items large and small.


It is therefore imperative that anyone who has possession of any club kit contacts us this week to confirm exactly what they have, as we don’t want to report any theft, when actually members have it out on loan.


Please contact me by Friday Evening with any kit that you might have.  Please also, check, do you have a BA, Cag or spray deck that you might have borrowed and then forgotten to return.  We bought 6 new cags last year and now only have one left.  They must be somewhere!


There will be a complete amnesty on anything that is notified that you have, no questions asked.


It is very disappointing when we see the compound being subject to theft, and worse because this must have been paddlers, no one else would have a use for Buoyancy blocks.


My considerable thanks go to all of the coaches keeping us going in these difficult times, and to those offering to do the audit at the weekend.


Remember that whatever you do, stay safe and follow government and council guidelines.



Dawn Scott

Chair of Trustees

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