Paddling at HPPCC

Dear Paddler
Well the second lockdown is over, and we can get back to the water.
We have had long discussions with our trustees about our way forward leading up to Christmas and we have decided just to facilitate open paddling at the club for Saturday the 5th and Saturday the 12th of December.
So the club will be open for casual paddling to help you get back out on the water, there might be coaches around, but they won’t be coached sessions.
Initially we have 2 blocks of 5 spaces available, if these fill then we will offer other blocks of 5. Please make sure you book for the right week, as both weeks are available. These places are now available on the club website.
Club kit will be available for those who want to borrow it.
We appreciate that at this time many of you will still be isolating to keep yourselves safe for Christmas, as we are, so we are not expecting large numbers.
We would also ask club members to respect the message about not travelling within tier 3 areas. So if you are from outside Nottingham or Nottinghamshire please don’t travel to the club.
Keep safe, and lets hope that 2021 brings fine weather, good water, and the chance to meet together and paddle together again.
Take care Dawn